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Tourist information: The tourist office is located in the
Esplanade Saint-Vincent
Tel no: 0033 (0) 825 135200
Opening times:
Jul -Aug 9.00 to 7.30pm Mon - Sat
10 to 6pm Sun + holidays
April May June September
9 to 12.30 1.30 to 6.30pm Mon - Sat
10 to 12.30 2.30 to 6pm Sun + holidays
October - March
9 to 12.30 1.30 to 6pm Mon - Sat
Closed Sun holidays

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Saint Malo France
Saint Malo is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the northern coast of France. It is a walled city with a long and varied history going back to at least Roman times. Nowadays the center of town is a peaceful place for tourists to visit with many shops selling good quality articles and numerous restaurants. Saint Malo has around 50,000 residents, with that number increasing significantly in the tourist season.

St malo Intra Muros
The old town of Saint Malo is surrounded by walls and this part is called "Intra Muros". Some of the hotels are in this area and command higher prices than those outside the walls. Ferry services leaving from St Malo include sailings to Portsmouth, Guernsey, and Jersey.

Saint Malo Fort

A short walk to the west of Saint Malo will enable you to see the Fort just offshore. There are guided tours at various times of the year and it is well worth seeing. I'll be updating this with a new image soon.

The "Intra Muros" town centre. Most of the buildings in the old town are built in this 4 - 5 storey fashion but they don't seem out of place, Saint Malo has a unique character because of them. St Malo center has some great shopping. There are many shops which sell good quality "marine" type clothing and of course there are the usual souvenir shops. The prices of houses in the surrounding area is quite high so you will find this reflected in the goods and prices of items in the local shops.

St Malo Centre

Boats In St Malo's Harbour

The yachts moored in St Malo's harbour are variously, beautiful, historic, fast, functional and almost always expensive. There are many boats for hire, typically older boats of historic interest. Hiring them does not look cheap however.

It is very much an active port as you can see from the size of the boats which still use the harbour. You can also take a ferry to England and the channel islands from here - services run regularly throughout the year. There are 2 ports for passengers so please make sure that you go the the correct one for your ferry service.

View from across the harbour

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